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Your Hosts

Meet The Most Interesting People in the World!

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Loren1908 was born in the Midwest and raised in Memphis, TN. When she's not dropping truth bombs on The Spirited Network Podcast, she is being an involved mother or looking for the next great book to read. If you find one, reach out and let her know... IG Handle @osbornechatman

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Big Kwum

Big Kwum was ranked the most interesting man in the world by fans of The Spirited Network Podcast. He is a master of capturing his experiences and conveying that to the audience with his unique story telling style and delivery. When he's not sharing campfire tales, he's usually enjoying any sport while indulging in the finest of cigars. Let him know if you want a recommendation. IG Handle @tznhurr

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Slim Kutta

Slim Kutta is your expert in all things current and cool. He has a finger on the pulse of the people and never falls behind. When he's not catching up on pop culture, he is grinding throughout the great state of Texas selling the perfect house to Texas residents. Ask him about timeshares or real estate. IG Handle @thebespokerealtor

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Big Cash

Big Cash is the producer of the Spirited Network Podcast and former producer of the Across the Bar Podcast. He doesn't know a lot but that often fuels his curiosity which lends to his propensity ask the tough questions. When he's not producing content, he is enjoying NBA 2K while juggling his rowdy family. Get on the sticks and play him! IG Handle @cashlaws1

D Worlds.jpg

D Worlds

D Worlds "The Popular Philosopher" is the host of The Across the Bar Podcast. His unique, down to earth delivery makes his podcast very refreshing to hear. When he's not being a voice for real Memphians, he is consuming popular tv shows and movies. He is also Memphis's primary concierge so ask him "Wassup wit it?" IG Handle @theacrossthebarpod



Not much is known about the mysterious KonviKt. His backstory is shrouded in ambiguity and he currently resides in Parts Unknown. The only things we know are that he enjoys a good laugh, he is the ultimate life hacker, an accomplished Biochemist, and gambler extraordinaire. You wanna know more? Good luck trying but drop him a question... e-mail:

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